Pre-Order List / 預購清單

Pre-Order List / 預購清單


Pre-Order List Is Now Open! 


We have opened our pre-rder list for all women who succesfully completed our clinical trial. Your work and contribution has helped us to  step closer to our goal, which is to improve female health care, to better understand how the lifestyle and food choices affect the gut flora and furthermore how the gut flora plays a role in development of medical conditions. 


Your contribution was key and we could not appreciate your efforts more. 


We would like to offer you now a spot on our pre-order list, and with your agreement we will notify you when products and services of MaMome become`s available to the public. We would like to also offer you a 10% discount of any services or products of your choice. This list will be sent to you so you can choose an item or service that best serves you by the time we are present on the market. 


Special Thanks for MaMome`s founder`s team, 

Nini Fan & Nikoletta Csaben







我們已經為成功完成我們的臨床試驗的所有女性開設了預購清單。 您的工作和貢獻使我們更加接近實現我們的目標,即改善女性醫療保健,更好地了解生活方式和食物選擇如何影響腸道菌群,以及腸道菌群如何在醫療條件的發展中發揮作用。




我們現在想在預定單上為您提供一個位置,並且在您同意的情況下,當MaMome的產品和服務向公眾開放時,我們會通知您。 我們還想為您選擇的任何服務或產品提供10%的折扣。 此列表將發送給您,以便您選擇在我們投放市場之前最能為您服務的項目或服務。



范妮(Nini Fan)和妮可麗塔(Nikoletta Csaben)