Week 2 - Monday


Banana Pancakes with maple syrup and berries

1 tbsp maple syrup

½ cup blueberries


Mash 2 ripe bananas, mix with 2 eggs, ½ cup whole wheat flour and 2 tsp baking powder. Add a drizzle of oil to the skillet and cook on medium heat until cooked through.

Makes 4 servings, save leftovers for Tuesday, Thursday, freeze one serving


Blackened salmon tacos

3 ounces of blackened salmon

2 corn or 1 whole wheat taco tortillas top pineapple slaw Pineapple slaw

1 cup shredded cabbage

½ cup of pineapple diced

¼ cup of red bell pepper finely chopped

¼ cup red onion finely chopped

juice of one lime


AM Snack

1 cup of sliced Cucumbers

1.5 ounces of LF cheese

PM Snack

Cherry chocolate chia pudding

Make ahead of time

Mix all ingredients together and place in refrigerator 1 hour before consuming. Mix again before eating.

2 tbsp chia

1 tsp maple syrup

½ cup LF milk

1 c frozen cherries

1 ounce chopped or chips of dark chocolate

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