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Comprehensive Nutrition and Microbiome Care for Mom & Baby

At MaMome, we revolutionize women’s health by integrating advanced microbiome and nutrition science. Our digital platform connects women’s health clinics with registered dietitians to enhance patient care and improve outcomes through early nutritional and microbiome interventions.

24/7 Access and Reimbursement

Patients can access our HIPAA-secure telehealth platform to connect with dedicated dietitians for around-the-clock, culturally appropriate nutrition support and education. Partnering with MaMome helps clinics utilize existing billing codes from Medicaid and private insurance, making these services profitable.

Why Choose MaMome?

  • Improved Outcomes: Early nutrition and microbiome interventions save lives and enhance birth outcomes.

  • Efficient Care: Our evidence-based approach reduces maternal deaths and improves patient satisfaction without adding to the clinical workload.

  • Seamless Integration: Easy referrals and seamless integration into existing care models ensure the best support for the pregnancy journey.


Optimizing fertility with tailored nutritional and microbiome support.

High-Risk Conditions

Specialized care for gestational diabetes and other high-risk conditions.

Weight Management

Compassionate guidance for maintaining healthy pregnancy weight.

Continuous Support

Comprehensive care from pre-pregnancy through the baby's first year.

Our Services

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