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MaMome analyzes the mother`s microbiome and helps with the management of mother and infants health. 
A mother’s microbiome composition is critical for an infant’s health before, during and after pregnancy.

Following a health-check up we provide a tailored dietary advice based on the unique composition of your microbiome.

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Did you know?
During pregnancy the composition of the mother's gut microbiome goes through drastic changes, impacting the health of both the mother and infant.


Personalized nutrition recommendations


Track your health overtime


Enhance mothers and child health development post pregnancy

Food for medicine

Optimize mothers and infants health during and after pregnancy. Understanding the composition of the Microbiome, allows selection of the right foods to act as your medicine.

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Metagenomic Sequencing Technology

At our next-generation genomic sequencing laboratory, we use Shoreline Biome all-in-one microbiome assay kits solution from lysis to sequencing to analysis with precision barcoded results and artificial intelligence to characterize the human microbiome for pregnant women.

OB/GYN’s Network

MaMome hands clinicians a powerful new tool for improving health outcomes of their patients and for their infants. MaMome’s unique platform can provide clinicians detailed maternal microbiome information and tailored nutritional plans for mothers based on the needs of their individual microbiome.

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