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Unlock the Secrets of Women's Health with The MaMome Gestational Diabetes Test

The MaMome test, a pioneering non-invasive diagnostic tool, facilitates early detection of gestational diabetes through advanced microbiome analysis. This innovative test requires only a simple sample collection, which can be conveniently performed at home or in a clinic throughout pregnancy, from the first to the third trimester, between 8 weeks to 37 weeks of gestation. By accurately assessing microbiome changes, MaMome helps in the early identification and management of gestational diabetes, ensuring better health outcomes for both mothers and babies.

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What does a clinical partnership with MaMome look like?

Partnership at MaMome isn’t just detected early — it’s the first-ever platform for pregnancy healthcare that combines state-of-the-art testing, maternal health management subscription and 1:1 coaching.

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At MaMome, we're more than just a test; we're a partner in your maternal health journey. Join the thousands of mothers who trust MaMome to provide the insights needed for a healthy pregnancy. Together, let's nurture a healthier next generation.


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Revolutionizing Women's Health

About Us

MaMome is an innovative biotechnology startup dedicated to women's health. We are developing non-invasive diagnostics, screening tests, and personalized health assays utilizing advancements in next-generation DNA sequencing, bioinformatics, and microbiome sciences.

Leading the Way in Maternal Health and Microbiome Research

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