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Step 1: 

Prepare the collection area

Place the Collection Cover

  • Place the toilet seat cover included in the kit over the toilet seat following the detailed instructions provided in the packaging

  • Ensure it is secure and stable

Set Up the Collection Tube

  • Fit the collection tube into the circular insert provided in your kit to stabilize it

  • Carefully unscrew the top of the collection tube

Getting Started

Have a kit? View our steps down below for a visual guide on how to properly use our test!

test report-2.png

Step 2:

Collect a Sample

Collect the Sample

  • Use the spoon attached to the tube cap to collect the fecal sample

  • Be careful not to exceed the marked amount on the collection tube

Seal The Sample

  • Transfer the fecal sample into the collection tube using the spoon

  • Fill the tube up to the line marked on its side

  • Securely close the tube to ensure the sample is well-contained

Step 3:

Ship Your Kit


Label The Collection Tube

  • Check that the collection tube is tightly sealed.

  • Fill out the label

  • Place it around the collection tube

Pack up your Sample

  • Place the sealed tube back into the protective packaging or biohazard bag provided.

Ship Your Sample

  • Follow the return instructions included in your kit to send your sample to the designated laboratory.

  • You should receive your results in 2-3 weeks.

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