MaMome Clinical Trials

MaMome is researching the maternal microbiome to learn more about gestational diabetes and other pregnancy complications. Be part of our research and learn more about your own microbiome at the same time.

Microbiome research is one of the most exciting frontiers in medicine and you can be part of the future of healthier pregnancies and earlier diagnosis of diseases such as gestational diabetes. 

Complications like preeclampsia and gestational diabetes cause long-term health effects for both mother and baby and increase your risk for birth interventions. They can also cause problems with early breastfeeding, bonding and birth recovery. Gestational diabetes increases your risks during any future pregnancies and increases your risk of developing type II diabetes later in life.

However, most pregnancy complications are preventable. One important factor in preventing these complications is earlier identification of high-risk patients and earlier interventions which might prevent development of severe complications. We believe our studies will provide information that will be used in the future to prevent pregnancy complications and maternal mortality.

When you volunteer for one of our studies, we gather data that we believe will allow us to predict in the future who might be at risk for complications such as gestational diabetes and preeclampsia and provide that information to you and your doctor weeks or months before traditional testing would indicate disease development. Currently, there is no proven link between this information and diagnosis of any pregnancy complication.

We provide all participants with no-cost wellness coaching to assist with a healthy diet and other healthy pregnancy behaviors. 

Help us unlock the maternal microbiome by participating in one of our research studies. Volunteering for one of our clinical studies is easy and there is never any charge. Studies are completely non-invasive and you can participate from your own home.

Available Trials:

Maternal Microbiome & Nutrition

Eligibility Criteria: Age 18+, pregnant, must reside in NYC area.

We are currently recruiting for our Maternal Microbiome and Nutrition study. This study investigates the maternal microbiome using stool, oral and vaginal samples collected at home with a completely non-invasive test kit. Samples are collected twice per trimester.


Results are provided to both you and your doctor. The results do not diagnose or treat any disease and are investigational only. All medical treatment during the study will be provided by your healthcare team and you will continue to receive all medical information and treatment from your healthcare providers. Study investigators do not make any treatment recommendations or provide any diagnosis.


Participants are required to log all food consumed and report daily for 28 days. One group of participants will be provided with a dietician-certified meal plan and all related food for 28 days and restricted to eating only the food provided. One group will eat normally without any restrictions.


All participants are provided with wellness coaching and support for a healthier pregnancy.

Participant Information

Participants are not paid for their participation and study participation is completely voluntary. Participants can withdraw from the study at any time.


Participant personal and health information is never shared with any third party except for participants receiving food delivery. Delivery information will be provided to our food partner if the participant is selected for recommended diet group. A participant ID number is assigned by the study coordinator and study investigators do not have access to your participant information.


Access to participant medical records is required to gain a larger understanding of changes to the microbiome. This includes medication, diagnosis of any conditions or treatments during the pregnancy. These records will not be shared with third parties and study publication will use non-identifiable patient identifiers.


This study requires collection of stool, oral and vaginal samples for microbiome analysis. Participants will be provided with a completely non-invasive test kit and will collect the samples in the privacy of their own home.